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Welcome to the Children's Living Centres website!

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Protecting of OVCs in order to guarantee their sustainable future

We must protect children now or we shall be forced to protect ourselves against them tomorrow

Increasing number of OVCs due to HIV/AIDS, poverty and diseases

Welcome to our website in the name of all Orphan and Vulnerable Children in Cameroon

SW Regional Delegate of Social affairs [foto]

Regional Delegate of Social Affairs, South West Region Cameroon. Fon Foreke Asongtia Valantine.

This website is under the patronage of the Regional Delegate of Social Affairs, South West Region Cameroon.

It represents the officially recognized orphanages, and other structures taking care of vulnerable children in the South West Region of Cameroon.

The Regional Delegation of Social Affairs is a Cameroon Government Institution.
(Please read more about us bellow)

We are at your disposition to facilitate your collaboration with any of the centres, or if you have need for information not provided on this web portal.

The central Regional Delegation of Social Affairs of the South West Region in Cameroon, has a staff of 17.
The total number of staff of various Social Affairs delegations in the South West Region to date is 130.

Fon Foreke Asongtia Valantine is currently the Regional Delegate of Social Affairs South West Region. Cameroon is made up of 10 administrative Regions.


Before 1975, the Ministry of Social Affairs had existed. There was only a department of Social Assistance in the Ministry of Public Health.

In 1975, the MINAS was created by Decree No. 75/723 of November 1975 and the first Minister to be appointed under this service was Mme. Delphine Tsanga.

In 1984, following Decree No. 88/128 there was a merger of MINAS and Women’s Affairs (MINASCOF).

With this come together, the Provincial Services was raised to Provincial Delegations which gave way to the creation of the Provincial Delegation of Social Affairs for the South West like many others in the country (10 in all).

In 1998, following Decree NO. 98/068 and 98/069 of 4th May, 1998, there was the separation of the Ministry of Social Affairs (MINAS) from Ministry of Social and Women Affairs(MINASCOF).

MINAS remained MINAS and the Provincial Delegation was maintained and external Services created. They include DPAS (Provincial Delegations of Social Affairs) DDAS (Divisional Delegation of Social Affairs).

In 2005 following another Presidential Decree No. 2005/160 of 25th May, 2005, the Ministry was readjusted with the setting up of a new organigram which removed the Department of the Protection of the Family and sent to the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, now called the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Protection of the Family (MINPROFF).

This same Decree of 2005 also saw the Department of National Solidarity split into two, giving way to National Solidarity was a Service on its own and the Service for the Protection and Promotion of the Disabled and the Elderly as another Service.

N.B. The South West Province was created in 1972. This change of name from Province to Region only came up in 2008, following Presidential Decree No. 2008/376 of 12 November 2008 reorganizing the Administrative Units in the Republic of Cameroon.

It is in accordance and in respect of this same Decree that the Provincial Delegation of Social Affairs was changed to the Regional Delegation of Social Affairs. That is from DPAS to DRAS.